HISGA Inspection Services
Buyer Pre-Purchase Inspection 

A complete systems and components inspection so that you know the good and the bad before you buy your new home.  Eliminate surprises that would have a material impact on your decision to buy and feel good about the purchase.
Seller Pre-Listing Inspection

Set your listing apart from the market with a complete systems and components pre-listing inspection.  Create a positive first impression and relieve prospective buyer’s concerns.  Reduce the potential for last minute purchase negotiations.

New Home Warranty Expiration
Is your 12-month warranty about to expire?  Get an independent inspection that will resolve the question of normal wear and tear vs. construction defect.  Comprehensive inspection services or individual system inspections are available.
Home Maintenance Inspection
An annual home maintenance inspection will help identify small defects before they become large and expensive. Water intrusion typically is the biggest concern of homeowners. These inspections can be customized to specific systems or a complete maintenance checkup.
Single-Level Wooden Deck Inspection
Deck construction standards have changed over time and in 2014 the State of Georgia issued a state amendment to the International Residential Code for the construction of decks. This is an example of a specific system inspection HISGA will perform if you have concerns about your deck.
Residential Roof Inspection

Your roof is one of the most expensive systems of a home to replace.  HISGA will provide an independent evaluation of your roof system and inform you of its existing condition and estimated remaining life.

Radon Testing Services

Radon is an odorless, tasteless, naturally occurring radioactive gas. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer and the leading cause of lung cancer in non­smokers. It is created by the decay of uranium that is naturally found in the soil. Granite rock which is common in Georgia can contain significant amounts of uranium. Radon can filter into and be trapped within your home. Short term, 48 hour testing, can determine if there is a critical level within the home as defined by the EPA.

What systems and components are typically observed during a home inspection? 
The standard HISGA home inspection will address the following systems and components…
…roof covering, vents, flashing and trim, gutters and downspouts;
…skylight, chimney, and other roof penetrations;
…exterior siding, decks, stoops, porches, stairs and railings;
…eaves, soffits and fascia;
…walkways and driveways, grading and drainage;
…exterior doors and windows;
…basement / crawlspace, foundation and structure;
…water penetration and foundation movement;
…heating system;
…cooling system;
…main water supply and shut-off valve;
…water heating system;
…interior plumbing fixtures and faucets;
…visible sewage piping and sump pumps;
…electrical service line and meter box;
…main disconnect and service amperage;
…electrical panel(s), breakers and fuses;
…grounding and bonding;
…switches and light fixtures;
…GFCI and AFCI protection;
…smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors;
…fireplace damper door and hearth;
…insulation and ventilation;
…interior floors, walls and ceilings;
…interior stairways, landings and railings;
…garage doors, safety sensors and openers. 

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